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The Process

Following on from your request to have wheels modified by us and payment being made for the process and any carriage costs a unique form will be sent to you with all your details and order requirements that you can download and print off and attach to your consignment. All wheels will need to be marked with the code number provided. The wheels should arrive in suitable packaging that can be re-used for the return carriage and will be inspected for damage prior to being processed. Any damage will be highlighted, photographed and sent back to you for confirmation that you are aware of this and our recommendations for repair or replacement. You can if you wish bring your wheels to our site and drop them off and collect them when they are completed to save on carriage costs. The normal turnaround time for a set of wheels is a working week, although this can also depend upon workload or your specific deadlines, so please ask when ordering.

Once agreed the wheels will be marked and cut on a centre lathe to ensure accuracy, a hand rolled steel ring in the width chosen will be rolled and cut down to the desired size. Further checks are made for accuracy before being welded on our positioner unit which runs at a constant feed rate and speed for a consistent weld. We then again check the wheels before they are packed and shipped back.

Please note.

Due to the way that the wheels are cut which determines if they will be able to be successfully balanced it is essential that the wheels are sent to us with the following points considered

  • we require the wheels to be provided without weights
  • free from impact damage
  • not buckled
  • not excessively corroded. Excessive corrosion will lead to porosity in the weld so it’s advisable to have the wheels bead blasted prior to shipping.

We can offer shot blasting but this obviously increased the cost and time needed to do the wheels. We can also offer a wet paint or powder coating service, so please ask for details should you want your wheels totally finished on delivery. We are also able to get tyres supplied and fitted to your rims if you choose this option. Under normal circumstance the wheels are provided self-colour as welded for you to finish how you wish

The maximum size of rim we are able to process is 18” and the smallest 10”. Bands are available from 25mm through to whatever you think possible. The most popular sizes are 40, 50 and 62.5mm. An example of costs would be say on a good clean set of 15” or 16” rims provided and banded with 4x 50mm bands will be £200.00 + VAT (ex works) Other sizes or wheels which require any further processes will incur extra costs.

We can source brand new wheels for you if required from the manufacturer should you want us to do this as part of our service?